Three Fat Ladies of the Sea and Jenifar.

Fishing Trawlers in Kerala, India Photography of boats and other sea vessels. This is a single insertion of an image compared to the earlier entries which always had 6-10 photos, more like a photo essay format. Change is the spice of life, so sail on. This was shot from a moving boat, a difficult thing…

Coracles, Catamarans, Snake Boats and Many Other Boats in India

Photography of Boats by Anoop Negi Photos Of Boats from Kerala, Kashmir, Goa etc. in India. Of Catamarans, Coracles, Sand boats, Kettuvallams, Snake Boats, Trawlers and Shikaras For several years, one has lived in parts of India like Kerala and Goa which are on the sea and also have vast areas of backwaters and rivers….