Anoop Negi has worked in the photography and design arena for many years. He regularly shoots for travel and food publications of repute and specializes in event photography all over India. In the incubus of photography he has some world class images which have become synonymous with colors and India. His work also adorns various corporate board rooms and personal collections. He has been shortlisted for the Photographer of the Year and the Best Photographer in the Sports category for his iconic Kerala Bull Race at the Sony World Photography Awards.

His work can be seen on various online galleries and sites and perhaps a simple search on google may give you more details.

You can avoid all that by clicking through some of the resources listed here –

Anoop Negi on Flickr

Anoop Negi on 500px

Anoop Negi on Behance

Photography by Anoop Negi on Facebook


10 thoughts on “About

  1. hi,

    I want to buy some Ladakh pics with their copy writes. Please let me know the process for the same.

    Chandra prakash

    1. Chandra Hi!

      Sorry your comment was in a queue mode for a long time. The intimation came in only now. Let me know if you are still interested in the process. First if you want to acquire an image with copyright, it will be an expensive affair as most photos are sold only with a license for a period of time but copyright is retained by the photographer.

      Say an image which a travel magazine pays Rs 5000 for will become Rs 500000 if you want to acquire all the copyrights.

  2. Hi Mr Negi, I edit a magazine called Eat Stay Love and am interested in buying one of your photographs for the magazine. How can I get in touch with you? Deepali

      1. Dear Mr Anoop

        We may be interested in purchasing a photo for a brochure.Could you message me your id.


    1. Anna Hi!
      Thanks for your interest in wanting to buy one of my photographs. Please do let me know which photo you are referring to and what will be the end usage of the product.

      You can email me at ezee123@gmail.com.

      With best regards,

      Anoop Negi

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