Vignettes from Himachal Pradesh – Part 4

The Mighty Muddy Satluj River
The Mighty Muddy Satluj River

The Mighty Muddy Satluj from Kotgarh, Himachal Pradesh

This is the river Satluj as it traces its muddy course through the valleys of Himachal Pradesh. It originates in Tibet and surges its way through to the plains of Punjab and drains into the Arabian Sea in Pakistan.

The river is muddy all through and I have no idea if it was so before the numerous hydel projects started coming up on it in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

This was shot one fine day on a trip from Narkanda to Thanedhar and Kotgarh from a point just below Barobagh, the place where commercial apple farming began in India.

I was in Barobagh two years later for the BBC Good Food magazine to shoot the story of apples and the huge effort being put up by Mr. Vijay Stokes, the grandson of the legendary Mr Samuel Stokes who commenced the great commercial movement in apples. The article appears in BBC Good Food magazine but alas, online links are not available. Maybe I will put the content on a blog post sometime later.

DSC_0834 nef 2 exp normal color


6 thoughts on “Vignettes from Himachal Pradesh – Part 4

  1. The river used to be blue & green earlier. I have been noticing the river for last few year in most of season & checking when would it turn back to the original color. Would like to know in details about Vijay Stokes through your blog.

    1. Good to hear that it was alive and pristine once upon a time. The huge amount of mountain cutting and tunneling upstream has led to the water being muddy all the time.
      I wonder if this muddiness will go away anytime soon.
      Unfortunately BBC Good Food does not have an online link. I could possibly send you a pdf of the article or if that is not there then a word document.

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