Vignettes from Himachal Pradesh, India Part 2

Clouds and Shadows

The Stand of Pine Trees in a River of Clouds at Barog Valley, India

Another take from the same day and shoot as the last one with a slightly different perspective

The foreground has a stand of tall coniferous trees while a settlement of a few houses glints in the morning sunshine through the fleecy thick cover of clouds.

Barog is a mountain at the cusp of the Himalayas and the older Aravalis and is a formidable barrier to the interior Himalayas. The place is named after Colonel Barog, an engineer from England who was supposed to get the longest tunnel in the Kalka – Simla route, made through the mountains. The two ends of the tunnel did not align properly. Sadly that led to a bout of self depreciation for Col Barog . One misty day he put a gun to his head.

You can see the old alignment on the Barog railway station side if you ever go there.


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  1. gaanesh says: ur clicks and stories..:)

    1. Anoop Negi says:

      Thanks Gaanesh. 🙂

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