Public Monuments with Bicycles and a Photographic still image from India

Monuments on Cycling

Of David Gerstein, Bengt-Göran Broström, Einar Utzon-Frank and others

 Lalit Kala Akademy Still Photography

Bicycling is a part of growing up.

An ode or maybe a celebration of motor skills and locomotion that gives you freedom to roam and explore the world around you. The scratches and bruises a life long reminder to the process.

I captured some still images of a sculpture showcased by the Lalit Kala Akademy, the premier keeper of sculpture, art and culture in India. This image is of a bicycle rider sculpted by Narendar Singh in 2008 is titled “My Journey ” and is about 145×12.5×120 cms made of Iron and is painted in green strips of metal with scant flowers on the mud guards. That touch of flowers screamed a watered down “euphoria” of a David Gerstein creation. This metal sculpture by and Indian sculptor is a delight to look at and conveys the sense of freedom and motion that is the essence of what a bicycle represents. Job well done Mr Sculptor.

The Cycle Sculpture from Lalit Kala Akademy
Artist – Narendar Singh
My Journey
Iron, 2008
145×12.5×120 cms
Lalit Kala Akademy 2009 Winners Photo by Anoop Negi

Here are a few alternates for the main image. The one in green below is the original. The red above is a mutation of the metal.

Will it be a public monument?
Winners of 2009 Lalit Kala Akademy awards for Sculpture etc.
Artist – Narendar Singh
My Journey
Iron, 2008
145×12.5×120 cms
BNW version
The cyclist in Black and white
Artist – Narendar Singh
My Journey
Iron, 2008
145×12.5×120 cms

Bicycling is not only a form of travel but it is a part of human evolution and history. A stepping stone to the motorised 2 and 4 wheelers that came later. I was searching for some iconic sculptures to showcase the humble bicycle. My knowledge of art in general and sculpture in particular is rather limited. Nonetheless, a bit of research does throw up interesting public monuments. I hope that this selection showcases the great design elements thrown into them by their respective artist and highlights the charm of this bipedal part of human evolution.

In this public installation, artist David Gerstein truly portrays euphoria, with a woman riding her bike, hair blowing in the wind behind her, and a surging burst of colorful butterflies in their hundres swarming behind her.
Public Spaces
Size: 6 meters wide year: 2010 | medium: Metal |
3 Layers, hand painted cutout steel, public sculpture in \”Millenium Residence\”, Bangkok, Thailand

Bengt-Göran Broström (1947-2004) has a public installation in Vasteras, Sweden to showcase the workers of Asea, a company that makes diverse electrical machinery and switchgears etc.

 Bengt-Göran Broström (1947-2004)
Bengt-Göran Broström (1947-2004)
Surveying Her Kingdom by Mikael Colville-Andersen,
Einar Utzon-Frank (1888-1955)
Cycling women in Copenhagen, Denmark
Date: 1936
Photo by Mikael Colville-Andersen,
Girl on a Bike, Singapore
Girl on A Bike at the Botanical Gardens in Singapore.
Sydney Harpley (1927-1992)
Date: 1987
Photo by Angela Sabas

Zoltan Kecskemeti: Danube bicycle
Danube bicycle is a kinetic sculpture, designed by Zoltan Kecskemeti
In this sculpture the water moves the wheels which move the legs and it gives that kinetic presence.The bicycle sculpture is the world’s largest bicycle.

Photo by M Feather

Another take of this very sculpture is here

Frans Kokshoorn - Singing in The Rain at the Hague, Holland
Singing in the Rain by Frans kokoshoorn at the Hague in Holland
Photo by Akbar Simonse

20 thoughts on “Public Monuments with Bicycles and a Photographic still image from India

    1. Oh it is such a small world.

      May I ask you for a favor. That particular piece of sculpture does not have any details as to the artist and year of installation etc…would be highly obliged if you could give me some leads in that regard

      1. It’s made by Frans Kokshoorn and was installed in 1989. Here’s a link to two more photos of bicycle sculptures by him. One of them is in a neighbouring town and the other one is placed in city in California, USA. The three sculptures are named “Singing in the Rain”.

      2. Thanks Akbar for this missing piece of information on the artist. I had added the information to the main text of this article.

        Maybe we can see a photo of this monument on your great photo stream

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