Coracles, Catamarans, Snake Boats and Many Other Boats in India

Photography of Boats by Anoop Negi

Photos Of Boats from Kerala, Kashmir, Goa etc. in India.

Of Catamarans, Coracles, Sand boats, Kettuvallams, Snake Boats, Trawlers and Shikaras

For several years, one has lived in parts of India like Kerala and Goa which are on the sea and also have vast areas of backwaters and rivers. While the sea is dotted with large vessels carrying commercial cargo, there is a significant presence of smaller vessels that the common people use for their daily transportation of goods and for travel, fishing or for pleasure.

Not only the sea, but the rivers and the backwaters are teeming with these boats and vessels and here is a presentation of boats, small and large, round and conical, colored and sometimes drab and black. Some with boatmen and some without.Some with glamorous passengers and some without.

photography Anoop Negi sand boat photo Riding the Sky Cochin Kerala India backwaters clouds long pole "backwaters of Kerala". A dream destination book cover "The Hungry Tide" best book Amitav Ghosh
A Boatman Riding the Sky on A Sand Boat while another one follows close behind. These are the backwaters of Kerala. A dream destination. This photograph has seen much use on various social media sites like Tumblr, Reddit, Stumbleupon to international publications to showcase the backwaters of Kerala. This also appears as a book cover for “The Hungry Tide” perhaps the best book that Amitav Ghosh has written so far.





Kerala Cochin Ernakulam boat race tradition ceremony dance lanscape waterscape age for a Mid water Dance Performance Kumbalam Panangad  backwaters photography Anoop Negi red parasol girls dancing singing man rowing
Two Long Boats Are Tied Together to make a dancing platform. The wooden boat moves in Rhythm with the Dance Performers
Arambol beach best Goa goan holiday huts sky clear sand Fishing Boat  photo photos India beaches holiday photography Anoop Negi
A Gaily Colored Fishing Boat on the Sands in Goa
Fishing Trawler Cochin Kerala Fort Kochi Willingdon Island India photo photography Anoop Negi fishing fishery fisher man trawler green shooting
A trawler is a mechanized, medium sized fibre glass and wood boat and it gets ready at Fort Kochi in Kerala for the fishing season
Wooden Boat Uttorda Goa sunset India fishing holiday destination photo photos photography Best Anoop Negi
A Wooden Boat Waits at Uttorda, Goa while the sun sets in the West
Photography Anoop Negi photo essay Thattekad Birding Frogmouth Jungle wildlife sanctuary Green Fibreglass Boat Kerala
A Green Fibreglass Boat in Kerala rests on a small river in the middle of a dense forest. This is Thattekad, a haloed land for bird photography and very famous for Frogmouth sightings
Shikara Boat Kashmir Srinagar Dal Lake char chinar holiday destination best photo photography Anoop Negi
A Shikara Boat From Kashmir. These wooden boats of yellow and red are still powered by oars and are eponymous for Srinagar. Here a boat is headed on a misty grey day to a famous landmark of Chaar Chinar in the far distance.
Fishing Trawler Cochin Kerala Fort Kochi Willingdon Island India photo photography Anoop Negi fishing fishery fisher man trawler green shooting
A Mechanized Fishing Boat Trawler in Cochin, Kerala heads out to the Sea. Decked in Green and white and glinting in the sun with the fishermen lounging on the rails.
photo kettuvallam Wooden Racing Boat traditional race champakara cochin ernakulam fort kochi photography Anoop Negi  best
Kerala is famous for its Racing Boats. This is a medium sized Wooden Racing Boat in action in the backwaters
motor cargo backwater backwaters Wooden Boat photo Anoop negi photography outdoor photo essay best holiday Cochin Alleppey Alappuzha lief on water
A mechanized Wooden Boat with its gunwales almost at water level carries goods and boat men. The men make a fine balance
Nehru boat race Kerala races photo Full Length Snake Boat in Racing Action Alappuzha Alleppey photography India Anoop Negi
A Full Length Snake Boat in Racing Action jammed with rowers at the Nehru Boat Race in Kerala
Coracle coracles boats fishing India kerala Cochin willingdon island chakolas photography living Anoop Negi bridge backwaters
Coracles are round flimsy boats and most difficult to maneuver in water. It is just some tar coal on plastic sheet over a thin basket weave of bamboo.
Catamaran logs tied together Diver mussels Kerala Arabian Sea diving fishing green clear water beach swimming Kovalam photo photography Anoop Negi holiday destinatino tourism
This is a sawed off Catamaran – just 4 planks of wood tied with thongs _ used mostly by Sea Divers for harvesting mussels from the Indian Ocean
 Racing Boat in Red Champakara cochin Kerala India photography "Nehru Boat Race " Kerala Boat races" Anoop Negi Alapuzzah
A Racing Boat in Red speeds past in the waterways of Kerala
"kerala holidays" "kerala houseboats" kerala holiday houseboat kettuvallam inside view girl  back waters cruise photo photography Anoop Negi
A House Boat From the Back waters of Kerala used for leisurely cruising

Each image in this selection is linked to the published page on Flickr. A simple click on the image will take you there. All images are copyrighted and you may not use it for any commercial purpose whatsoever.

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30 thoughts on “Coracles, Catamarans, Snake Boats and Many Other Boats in India

  1. Hey Anoop. The book cover to Hungry Tide has been my favourite cover for a long time, obviously because the photograph is brilliant. Any chance I could buy a print of this photograph from you? I’d love to have it up on my wall. I mean the photo: “A Boatman Riding the Sky on A Sand Boat while another one follows close behind”

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