Coracles, Catamarans, Snake Boats and Many Other Boats in India

Photography of Boats by Anoop Negi

Photos Of Boats from Kerala, Kashmir, Goa etc. in India.

Of Catamarans, Coracles, Sand boats, Kettuvallams, Snake Boats, Trawlers and Shikaras

For several years, one has lived in parts of India like Kerala and Goa which are on the sea and also have vast areas of backwaters and rivers. While the sea is dotted with large vessels carrying commercial cargo, there is a significant presence of smaller vessels that the common people use for their daily transportation of goods and for travel, fishing or for pleasure.

Not only the sea, but the rivers and the backwaters are teeming with these boats and vessels and here is a presentation of boats, small and large, round and conical, colored and sometimes drab and black. Some with boatmen and some without.Some with glamorous passengers and some without.

photography Anoop Negi sand boat photo Riding the Sky Cochin Kerala India backwaters clouds long pole "backwaters of Kerala". A dream destination book cover "The Hungry Tide" best book Amitav Ghosh
A Boatman Riding the Sky on A Sand Boat while another one follows close behind. These are the backwaters of Kerala. A dream destination. This photograph has seen much use on various social media sites like Tumblr, Reddit, Stumbleupon to international publications to showcase the backwaters of Kerala. This also appears as a book cover for “The Hungry Tide” perhaps the best book that Amitav Ghosh has written so far.



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Photography in Red

The Theyyam Dancer in Red from Kerala

Photography in the Color Red

Red is a color that is strongly defined in the human civilisation. .

Red is emotive,

Red is dangerous,

Red is sexy

Red is Godly

Red is Evil

As many interpretations are possible depending on the civilisation you are born in.  In India, the color red is significant for it goes to state the raison d’etre of this earth. Birth and Death. The red of the blood signifies the living and the existing. It becomes a symbol of fertility and anything red thereafter attains the primal throes of the Hindu philosophy of existence. Red adorns the foreheads of the Indian woman, sometimes the hands and the feet to mark the fertility rites and red then becomes a mark of a religion. One is born unto this earth for only one reason and that is to continue the human race. Fertility is the dominant theme that defines Hindusim and its Gods.

So here is to Red. From Gods in Red, Ferraris in Red to Women in Red

The Theyyam Dancer from Kerala
The Theyyam Dancer in Red



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