The Great Indian E-commerce Rip Off

E-commerce is happening these days. Every startup, whether from a pearly fresh IIT/IIM graduate, or a Mom & Pop store entrepreneur to established business houses are into it. It is a big market and it is growing bigger everyday. Investors are lining up with huge sums of money to fund such  ventures. The transparency and

The Rat Temple in Deshnoke, India

There is a lot of text here.The subject matter may be a tad uncomfortable for some. You are cautioned, there will be rat pictures here. Rats are not the most liked of mammals for a variety of reasons. They carry the ominous burden of spreading diseases and destroying food grains. The primary response to a

Public Monuments with Bicycles and a Photographic still image from India

Monuments on Cycling Of David Gerstein, Bengt-Göran Broström, Einar Utzon-Frank and others  Lalit Kala Akademy Still Photography Bicycling is a part of growing up. An ode or maybe a celebration of motor skills and locomotion that gives you freedom to roam and explore the world around you. The scratches and bruises a life long reminder

Three Fat Ladies of the Sea and Jenifar.

Fishing Trawlers in Kerala, India Photography of boats and other sea vessels. This is a single insertion of an image compared to the earlier entries which always had 6-10 photos, more like a photo essay format. Change is the spice of life, so sail on. This was shot from a moving boat, a difficult thing

Extreme Sports – Photography of Bull Races in Kerala, India

Photography of Bull Races in India Craziest Extreme Sport Kerala Photography by Anoop Negi This post is not about Redbull Racing. No It is not that I do not like Vettel. I positively endorse his driving style and love his performances till date. If things be what they are, he may still win the 2012